On the 22nd of January 2021, RARE Infrastructure Limited changed its name to ClearBridge Investments Limited.

On the 22nd of January 2021, we changed our name to ClearBridge Investments Limited. There is no change to our philosophy, process or people.

ClearBridge Investments

Our name is changing, but our approach to infrastructure investing remains unchanged.

Asset management remains our sole focus, with our Australian investment team continuing to focus exclusively on delivering authentic active management to global listed infrastructure investors and servicing our clients.

Why the change?

In May 2019, we announced our integration with global equity manager ClearBridge Investments, LLC. Like RARE, ClearBridge is part of Franklin Templeton and operates with investment independence. As at 30 September 2020, ClearBridge and RARE together manage US$158 billion in assets globally.

The integration has enabled both businesses to increase their global reach and considerably strengthen operational capabilities through leveraging scale.

The RARE investment team remain dedicated exclusively to global listed infrastructure. 

What does this mean for the Australian Funds?

The Australian Funds will be re-named to incorporate the ClearBridge name. The Funds will retain the RARE (Risk-Adjusted Returns to Equity) name, which remains synonymous with our approach to infrastructure investing.

The new Fund names will be:

  • ClearBridge RARE Infrastructure Value Fund Hedged (all classes)
  • ClearBridge RARE Infrastructure Value Fund Unhedged
  • ClearBridge RARE Infrastructure Income Fund (all classes)
  • ClearBridge RARE Emerging Market Fund

With a targeted effective date of 1 February 2021, JP Morgan will become the Funds' custodian, and OneVue Fund Services will be responsible for unit registry administration. New Product Disclosure Statements and associated documents will also be re-issued.

Financial advisers and investors will be contacted directly with instructions on what this means for individual accounts.


We're not changing what we stand for

We’re excited to embrace the benefits of being part of ClearBridge Investments. Even though we are changing our name, there is no change to our investment philosophy, process or people. Our commitment to global listed infrastructure and risk adjusted returns to equity continues to be the sole focus of our specialist investment team.

Please contact our team should you need further information about these changes.

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